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Tropical Blessings St. Johns Vacation RentalBe prepared to feel like you have arrived at your home away from home when you step through the door of Tropical Blessings. Our owners actually discovered this St. John location more than 30 years ago. They promptly fell in love with the entire island, moved there, and lived there for over a decade. Our owners knew from the first day they arrived that owning a beautiful place on St. John was high on their bucket list.

Here at Tropical Blessings, we believe that it's a good policy to believe in miracles. Our owners finally chased down their dreams. When they walked through the doors of Tropical Blessings at last, they knew they had finally discovered their own special St. John treasure.

Their beautiful dream has taken shape in the form of personal accommodations appointed with pride and decorated in thoughtful, detailed, and artistic ways. You won't find any predictable interiors here. Decorating Tropical Blessings has been a joy for our owners.

We trust that our guests will appreciate our deliberate use of colors, judicious choice of furniture and accouterments, touches of whimsy, and an overall preference for exceptionally fine quality. The ambiance of our villas reflects a delight in their appearance. We hope our guests find that delight contagious.

Seriously Superior Painkiller 


2.5 Oz. Dark Rum
3 Oz. Pineapple Juice
1  Oz. Orange Juice
1  Oz. Coconut Cream

1) Add all of the ingredients
except for the nutmeg into a
cocktail shaker with ice and
vigorously shake to
incorporate the coconut cream.
2) Strain into a glass filled with
3) Grate fresh nutmeg on top.

If making a larger batch we
recommend using the blender.
Note: We dialed back the juice
and increased the rum. Adjust
according to taste, Cheers!